February Trip Log: We made it up!

I have tried like crazy to get things out to you all, but there has been literally no signal. Finally today Harley and I climbed the mountains up toward the ridge overlooking Kawo for about 45 minutes, and now I have a bit of signal. 


We arrived safely in about 6 hours.  Everyone made it just fine although we were very tired. It was enough to just make it and be done for the day.

Today we have been updating all the classes of children with only the 4th grade remaining for tomorrow (Saturday) morning beginning at 7 am.  We have to try and get these kids finished because a wedding is planned for 9 am! Thank to the staff here, it’s been more organized this year than ever, perhaps because of the pressure of the wedding coming.
Susie and Jan are sewing with the women and encouraging them in their creative endeavors. Harley has been trying to fix a generator with no tools and I’ve been organizing everything.  I have a meeting with Nurse Rosita in a few minutes and will have to run back down the mountain to be there for her.  She began a much needed clinic on the church property and the place was crowded this morning with people. 

Please continue to pray for us!

 I will send pictures and more info when I can. 

Blessings always,



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