February Trip Log: (Belated) Weekend review

Dixie was not able to end updates day by day while in Kawo. Here are some of her notes now that she is back in cell phone range:

We have now safely climbed down the rocky trails from the mountains and are back in Nan wo outside of Dessalines.  Our cold showers were wonderful and we feel clean again! It was amazing to witness God’s work in Kawo and even be there for a Kawo wedding!

I am sitting on the rooftop next to a very loud generator and trying to get out info to you back in the states. I will send pictures tomorrow as I should be able to run off battery.

Our trip has been good and all our worries were for want. Our God truly went before us in all ways. I trudged down the steep trails, jumping from rock to rock, following Belzina, a widow who had climbed up with us to cook for our small team.  She was singing songs to the Lord, lifting her hands in praise as we walked along.  I told her I liked walking with her and she said that when things get hard for her she cries out to the Lord.  It was a beautiful thing to see and really spoke to my heart. 

My ears are ringing and the team is asking to shut down the generator….. so more tomorrow.

Everyone thanks you for your prayers.

Dixie and team

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