February Trip Log: (Belated) Tuesday morning report

Dixie was not able to end updates day by day while in Kawo. Here are some of her notes now that she is back in cell phone range:

I feel so discombobulated because I haven’t been able to communicate and send pictures.  It’s probably hard to understand in our world of technology, but nothing has been able to get out until now.

The trip has gone well.  My head and heart are full of things that we have done and things that still need to be done.  While in the mountain school over the weekend, we asked the director Verondieu what he needs–and his requests were so basic.  A chair for each teacher, a table, a cabinet to keep school papers in (there is no table or cabinet), 45 school benches, a kitchen area to cook in out of the rain and keep supplies in, enclose the area where we take photos for more classroom space, fix the rotting boards next to the dirt floor in the classrooms, put in cement floor in his office so the bags of rice used to feed the children won’t rot, and it goes on.  Wouldn’t a teacher want a chair to sit in while in the classroom?  Wouldn’t a director want a cement floor in his office and a table, chair and cabinet to keep things in?  Oh, such basic needs.  These people are so incredibly tough and resilient.  They look to the Lord for all their needs.  Verondieu assured me that they were really fine and all had homes to cover their heads.  My heart goes out to my friends.

We have been working all morning getting ready to leave.  Harley and I met with Pastor Louinet going over past monthly reports and many other things.  It’s been a very busy morning.  We will be picked up soon and will be spending a much appreciated day at the beach on the way back to Port.  Tonight we will be with the Tluceks and then on to the airport in the morning to fly home.


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