Saturday trip log: rain in the valley, sorrow in the mountains.

What a week to have an outreach. We have had rain all this week, which is not normal in the month of January.  This is the ‘dry’ season, but things continue to look green due to the unusual rains. During the Kwazod (Outreach) last night (Friday) the rain poured down when we arrived after dinner. Everyone ran to hide under the large structure or climbed the stairs and got onto the very crowded stage along with huge speakers, instruments and singing groups. But in the midst of all this chaos, worship continued as if nothing was happening.  People sang, danced and praised the Lord. It was an amazing sight. Finally, the rains stopped for a bit and Joel began to speak.  What a powerful message he gave on faith and not giving up! As he finished, the rains began again and worship was cut short as the clouds opened up. About 1000 people had filled the soccer field and dispersed in the dark to their homes.  

This morning the teaching continued with Joel and the two Isaacs. Joel captured their attention telling them of the generosity of their church and of their pastor, giving examples from Cascade Community Church in Monroe, WA.  Isaac Howard teaches from a very practical perspective on life’s principals and Isaac Hanna’s teaching is still to come as write this.

I had been taking pictures and listening a bit to the teaching whenever I am not assisting somewhere. 

Today a woman from Kuton, high in the mountains, came running after me as I was walking to the church. Her husband, the pastor of the little mountain church in Okan had been working in his gardens, came home, bathed, ate some lunch and was having some pains in his chest.  She prayed with him and held him as he lay on the bed. Suddenly he died.  With tears running down her face, she told me this story and asked me to pray for her so that she wouldn’t fall. I felt her pain and tears came to my own eyes as I hugged her.  I can only imagine how how difficult it must be for her in the mountains alone now.  She has five children, but they are either gone or mostly grown.  Please pray with me for Madanm Venke.  May Jesus hold her close as her heart slowly heals.  May her community surround her with love.


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