Monday trip log: journeying home

We spent the day at the beach.  Wonderful!!!  Marla from Ebeneezer Glenn Orphanage took us to Moulin Sur Mer and stayed with us some of the day and then went back home.  Byron from Maranatha Children’s Ministries picked us up and we are now in Port with the Tluceks.  I love the friendship we’ve developed with both of these ministries here in Haiti.

Everyone is tired tonight  and we will go to bed early.  Tomorrow we fly out with Joel, Isaac (nicknamed Popeye) and Isaac thru Miami and Harley and myself going through JFK (yikes – snow!).  Please, please pray for Joel.  He has been sick since last night with vomiting throughout the night.  His stomach is better today but he continues to be very dizzy.  It’s hard to watch a member of our team be taken out by whatever this is. 

An update on the kwazad….at least 8 people asked Jesus into their hearts and possibly more.  Many, many hundreds, possibly thousands attending each night;  What a blessing to know some are beginning a new life with Jesus.  Thank you for prayers. 

Joel from Global Training Network is truly a servant of the Most High.  His teaching yesterday in church was amazing and he captivated all who were in the church with his teaching on Ps. 91.  God has many different names that identify him.  He is our protector. God is with us. Bondye avek nou.  He spoke to the newly widowed woman to remember that God is with her.  It was amazingly personal and touching. 

Please pray us home.  We will all be returning very late tomorrow night.  Thank you, thank you.  Mesi, mesi!

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