Friday trip log… stopping the rains!

Greetings from Haiti. Last night’s outreach was well attended with around 1500-2000 people.  How do you count the masses?  Pastor Louinet decided this year to have the meetings in the city’s soccer field (terran).  They built a large stage, hung lights and put up huge speakers.  The funny thing is, the stage was facing the town of Dessalines so sound would travel that way, but huge, long the bleachers were on the side.  So as Joel spoke, it wasn’t easy to connect with the people as he couldn’t see them very well.  Joel spoke about Gideon and how God chose him to work through him, even though Gideon didn’t believe in himself. Worship was fun with many men, women, and children dancing to the Lord. It was fun to watch Isaac Howard with all his camera equipment and Isaac Hanna also helping out.  When we arrived there was a steady rain.  Harley prayed and asked the Lord to stop the rain maybe right now so that we could get started.  There was no place for the crowd to get out of the rain. Within a few minutes, the rain stopped.  Thank you, Lord. 

Today Joel, Isaac, and Issac taught both men and women again. Mid afternoon they got rained out, but when it stopped there wasn’t enough time to continue.  Tonight Joel will teach again at the outreach. Please be praying for the people who come to open their hearts and hear God’s word. 

Harley and I went to Gonieve with Marla from the orphanage.  It was very interesting as we got some supplies but also were shown the town.  We stopped at a non profit called 2nd Story Goods  where they sell purses, pottery, metal work, clothing, all made by local artisans.  Very inspiring! Look up

We are off to the crusade so don’t have time to post pictures tonight.  Tomorrow I will be better!  Please continue prayers for team.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed and tired, but we were reminded in Phil. 4 to rejoice in all things and think about things that are lovely and pure.


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