Adventurers needed!

Renise RemyEach new year Hope in Haiti calls upon the toughest of volunteers to brave the steep climb, scorching heat, and long hours of the trek into Kawo, Haiti. The small hamlet of a village in the central mountain region of the country may not look like much, but it is the epicenter of a hopeful movement for education and expanded opportunities for hundreds and hundreds of children. And as a sponsoring agency looking to fund these children’s education, we make the journey in and interview every single one of the students and take their pictures to present to you, our partners in ministry. 

In late February of 2018, the journey kicks off again, and we need team members. We need photographers, record keepers, volunteers handy with simple tools, medically trained people, and even those who are good with kids and bringing out their smiles. Even if none of the above describes you, a willing heart ready to serve is the main thing we are looking for… and a little sense of adventure!

If you are interested, click here and let us know! Slots on our teams go fast, and the deadline for booking our flights is fast approaching.

You will not regret this!


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