Trip log: Thursday and Friday at the school


Today began at 8 am taking pictures of three classes of preschool kids, first grade, 9th and 10th grade kids. We are pooped! Each child received a toothbrush and a small gift. Harley of course fixed things but was a little frustrated at the small selection of things at the local hardware store. We sat in on the English class and were impressed at his interaction with the kids. It rained and we headed for cover with our computer but continued with updates. Took a short walk to visit a few sponsored children.

It’s hard to concentrate in such a stifling hot classroom
This teacher is so good! He had everyone’s attention



Waiting patiently for their turn to be interviewed




Terry and Dale meeting their sponsored child Jean Daniel for the first time.



It’s been a busy day updating kids . I think we still have a full day of work on Monday. Tomorrow we will go to market, visit orphanage, and visit Haitian friends. I am so thankful for this group of people who have come with us and are willing to work so hard. Mavens is a little boy that I’ve watched grow up. He is special needs in that something is wrong with his hips and he walks with a big limp. Inspite of that I have never seen a more happy child. Today I watched as he was in the middle of a bunch of boys scrambling for the soccer ball. He was knocked over several times flat on the ground but quickly got to his feet and jumped right back in. His persistence and perseverance reminded me of the people of Haiti…. of how resilient they are. Thank you for your prayers always. We need your support so much.



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