Kawo on her mind: Quilts for Haiti

Ladies from Kawo proudly display their handmade quilt

Did you know that there are more ways to impact lives in Haiti than with sponsorship and volunteering?

In the July edition of The Port Ludlow Voice, Susie Marshall wrote about she a time she brought a whole new creative experience to the remote and impoverished women of Kawo, and revealed a new opportunity. 

“In March… [we] brought materials to make a quilt for a woman who had recently lost her husband. About 23 women from the community worked to create the quilt totally by hand. They created the one in the picture, and were very proud of their accomplishment.” 

This is not only a beautiful piece of art infused with love, but the widow who received it also received the gift of warmth–Kawo temperatures dip into the 50’s (F) at night. On top of that, the twenty three ladies involved got to increase their skill set and gain confidence in achieving bigger things in an area with so few opportunities or resources.

“As they were finishing it, they asked if we would bring enough materials next year to make three quilts”

Susie went on to ask for your involvement: Would you be willing to enrich women’s lives in Kawo by providing fabric for quilting so they can accomplish this new goal? Your old scraps and remnants can find a new home being sewn together with love by these precious friends in Haiti. We are trying to gather these supplies before the January return trip to Kawo. If you have something to contribute, please contact us here to put you in touch with Susie.
Note from Susie: They love bright colors!

Thank you Susie for bringing color, creativity, and hope to these amazing ladies!


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