End of the school year!

What do our Haitian kids from Nan wo do when school is almost out for the year to celebrate?  Last week Pastor Louinet rented four buses and took 350 kids to the beach. Many of these kids have never seen the beach, although it is only 1 1/2 hours away. They pack lunches, crowd into four buses, and sing the entire way to the beach.  What a treat for them! A few of us have personally experienced this with these kids and it’s crazy and wonderful.  It’s become an annual event and all the kids look forward to it. Louinet always calls me and lets me know so that I can be praying for the safety of so many. This is quite an undertaking but Louinet has a big heart and a huge vision for his kids.

And not only did he take 350 kids to the beach, earlier this year he treated all the parents to a trip to the beach.  What a crazy idea and what a blessing for these people who rarely have a chance to do something like this.  Thank you for your prayers, support and faithfulness. 

Enjoy a few impromptu pictures from this fun day of celebration!


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