Savan Brüle

Today the team repacked their belongings for tomorrow’s hike, visited partners working in the local orphanage, and went on a trip to a school that is special to our hearts: Savan Brüle. This little church / school educates children up to 6th grade with a teaching staff that, thus far, receives no compensation. Though they had intended to pay the staff, no money has really come in to do so. We hope to share their stories in more detail later.

Allias, a director and teacher in Savan Brüle with his family. He not only teaches 6th grade but attends classes himself, hoping to complete high school. We spoke with him and 8 teachers, plus the pastor, learning more about their school. These teachers have not been paid for years, but continue teaching. We would like to sponsor the teachers, making sure they get paid
This young lady nearly died during our last trip, due to complications with her pregnancy. We sent her to hospital last month and it probably saved her life. Here she is, going strong, standing with her mom.
Inside the small Church/school in Savan Brüle. 1st through 4th grades meet here, turning their backs to each other since they have no walls between. It’s about 15 x 30 ft.
Susie re-packing bags to prepare for tomorrow’s trek to Kawo
Lourdjina and care taker Chamoumoun. She is looking so good!
Moto trip to Savan Brüle!
Borrowing a tractor from the orphanage? We wish

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