A Mountain-Top Experience

The team ascended into the hills toward Kawo early Friday morning. It was a grueling hike that took all that they had, but everyone made it safe and sound. Read below for their trip journal:

6:30 am – leaving for Kawo. Five miles in a truck, then hiking up, up, up. 









12:19 pm – We are about 2/3 up the mountains. I think we all agree this is one of the hardest things we’ve ever done. They are going to get a small mule for Terry, as he’s having a hard time. It’s midday and HOT, although there is a slight breeze. Tate and I are sitting on rocks waiting for the others in a small piece of shade.












2:00 pm – We are pooped after a long hike. We’ve been trying to send pics and updates, but had phone problems. We will walk to cell tower tonight. We made it slowly to Kawo. We’re staying in a new bunk house with 5 rooms! No more tents! [A five room bunk house is a enormous accomplishment for this area. Praise God for this amazing blessing!]












Saturday 9:11 am – We are trying to photo the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders, but they are not showing up. Probably all up at Selio for the weekend camp [a youth camp in a neighboring area]. Only got 6 photos done so far. Looks like sas pua [pureed beans] for lunch with chicken/squash/carrot stew and rice. Warm today with nice cooling breezes. Low humidity. Susie is sewing a quilt for m. Alekè with help from the women and girls.









11:15 am – Phone communication is difficult here. I will send what I can.

11:20 am – Only had 6 kids show up for pictures today, out of hundreds. We visited some kid’s homes in the area and have rested from yesterday some. Susie has been sewing with women and girls. It’s been nice. Tomorrow we will have church in Selio. 

12:15 pm – Terry, Myrriah, Dulin, and Tate got to visit their sponsored boy and his father today!









2:45pm – Sitting around the table together in our new guest house. Many men carried 5 sheets of metal roofing each on their heads 3 1/2 hours up the mountains, paid only with a meal. A huge meal!

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