Four years in the making

Tonight the team sits in the Miami airport awaiting the culmination of four years of work. This week a team is going to Haiti to follow up on teaching men and women in a course that has been ongoing since 2012, covering issues of leadership, parenting, Biblical roles, and understanding God’s Word. This trip is especially exciting as over 100 women will graduate after four years of teaching with Francy Ogle from Global Training Network, who joins them on this journey again. Joel Madson, another GTN staff will be coming along to teach the men, and also speak at an evangelistic “Crusade” in the park in town. We have been sponsoring this event for four years as well and thousands of people have come to hear the Word of God.
To top it off, there will be a Medical Clinic headed up by Dr. Tim Jones from California. And of course, no trip would be complete without a few more construction items on the to–do list. Harley hopes to get the electrical stuff fixed for the church and school.  If any have been to Haiti they will know what I’m talking about.
This week’s team is:


Please, please be in prayer for each of us and all that we are doing.  Pray that many will be deeply touched and lives changed by the crusade.  Pray that many will be healed by pray and medical help. 

Thanks to all.

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