Crowds gathering, healing happening

Wednesday the team arrived in Nan wo safely and went right to work setting up a medical clinic to see to the various medical needs of the community. In the shade of The Mango Tree (if you’ve been, you know the one), almost 70 people lined up and received care from Doctor Tim, while Mike and Jean took time to pray with the hurting ones who were waiting. Most of the team found work to do there, handling supplies, taking down names, or just extending a loving arm to those who needed support. Today (Thursday) they will repeated the action in Dessalines at the Ebenezer Glen Orphanage, setting up shop in one of their buildings and seeing over 60 young and old patients just in the morning session.
Meanwhile, Francy and Joel started their teaching sessions in Nan wo with the Haitian ladies and gentlemen, adding depth to the training they have already taken. Joel and Gerry taught on the topic of teaching men to be mature leaders, using 1st and 2nd Timothy as a guide. This is part of Hope in Haiti’s goal.. to equip Haitians to equip one another.
Tonight, Joel and Gerry will be speaking at the downtown evangelistic gathering. The ‘Crusad’ has been meeting in Dessalines nightly since Sunday, and will continue until Saturday. Joel and Gerry will be keynote speakers on Friday and Saturday as well. Praise God, already 10 souls have found him through these outreaches this week! Pray for more hearts to be changed and led to Christ.

Wednesday Clinic begins under the mango tree
Dr. Tim sees everyone he can
The team taking a break in the shade in Dessalines
On Thursday the clinic opened in Dessalines at the orphanage
A boy waiting for treatment for an eye ulcer
Joel and Gerry will begin speaking downtown tonight!


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