Sunday reflections + pictures


We’ve been waking up each morning at 4am to beautiful singing to the Lord. Last night there was men’s singing coming from one of the empty classrooms, still dark without electric lights, but brightened by their passion and praise.


Church was good this morning, with a message chosen from Luke 15.  Pastor Louinet talked about the invitation to the banquet. In this story from Jesus, no one could come for various reasons, so the master of the house invited the poor , the crippled, the blind and the lame. Then to our surprise, into the church walked a man dressed up as a bigger. He was given food, and then the entire church was fed! What a great illustration, and such a treat for the people!


This afternoon we walked through the rice fields in the valley and spent some time at Ebenezer Glen Orphanage. Now we are back in Nan wo and Harley and Gary are back working. Abby, Celia and Gabe are playing with the neighborhood kids. I love these people and know that serving with them is such a privilege.


The team walks around the new building addition
The team walks around the new building addition

The new construction work on our school campus is doming along! The new boys dorm (upper level) and cook’s kitchen (lower level) are much needed additions. The hired school cooks and upper grade girls learning to cook have previously had to use a smoky little shack that served as little more than a shelter to keep the cooking fire out of the wind and rain. There are 15 upper-grade boys who will be staying upstairs due to their distance from home… most of them live several hours away up rugged mountain trails. Currently the boys are living in two rooms of a temporary wooden structure with dirt floors and a roll of carpet they lay out at night to sleep on. They cook their own food provided by their parents or by Pastor Louinet.

This is where 8 upper-grade boys have been living


The new building: Upper level boys dorm, and lower level kitchen
This is one of the nearly-finished dorm rooms!

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