Friday in Nan wo – a full day

Today the team rose early and set to work gathering school children from the surrounding area to take photos and update their information. It happened to be a holiday from school, so the usual mob of students wasn’t even there! Dixie asks for prayer that they would be able to get all 400+ students interviewed by Tuesday, which is a big task considering they “only” pulled together 80 kids today. They are expecting to be slammed with work up to their ears on Monday and Tuesday.

In addition to the student updating work, the team also had the opportunity to administer first aid to two different children! One had a wound bad enough that Dixie says they will be taking him to the city hospital tomorrow morning.
The school campus currently has no electricity, so the team is running their equipment with a tiny two-stroke generator affectionately known as ti milèt (the little mule).

Harley and Gary working hard putting a small shower and sink in bathroom.They won’t stop until this place is finished!


Gabe and the kids went down to the local stream to learn fishing… by hand!
Having fun by the water while the kids fish
Sterling opening a gift from her sponsor… All smiles!


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