Quiet again

Our new friends

Our house guests have now left and once more we are in our routine of things. Isn’t there a story about a man who thought his house was small and many came to stay with him and when they all left he realized how big his house really was? That’s a little the way we felt, although our new friends were great and on a journey of their own. Harley and I spent much of the day washing sheets, towels, and cleaning up the house.

Last night was movie night for the older kids. We will do younger kids tonight. This is such a highlight of the kid’s week and they are asking throughout the week when they can watch. After asking them to pick up all trash around their dorms, we agree on a time. Great incentive to pick up garbage! We are limited on the dvd’s we have, but they don’t seem to mind. Last night was Black Beauty and they enjoyed it immensly…. also enjoyed the popcorn, although the popcorn popper broke and Harely tried to glue together, but broke again. It still somewhat worked. I was so tired, I fell asleep sitting next to them… that is, after I asked Harley to kill a huge spider, maybe four inches across, in the bathtub. My hero!

Last night Tim, a man from Minnesota, arrived to help out this next week. He has an ongoing relationship with EGO, is a nurse, and loves the kids. We really don’t know him well, but what a welcome site he was! We promptly dumped the dog on him, and all medical responsibilities. He stepped right in and someone fresh is good. Harley and I both slept the best we have since being here last night. No barking dogs, no crying babes. Lourdjina and Makendy are now staying with Tim.

Harley and Tim are at the orphanage church, both quite lost because of language. I’m here with Roslanda, an eight year old girl who is sick this morning. She’s now sleeping quietly and peacefully in our livingroom. Hopefully she will feel better when she wakes up.

I do want to tell you that Harley’s Creole lessons with the boys continues. They show up early in the morning and want to begin lessons first thing, often 6 am or so. He is learning new words each day and we all laugh together when he tries to remember them all. The boys are extremely patient with him, repeating over and over. Papimal….kijan ou rèle….koman ou ye. These lessons most often take place on the golf cart, as it’s the most comfortable place to sit outside and the boys love it.

Thank you, thank you for prayer. We know that we have been covered well and are encouraged that you share in this work in Haiti.

Dixie and Harley

Our new friends
Our new friends

View from inside our living room - a fish bowl
View from inside our living room – a fish bowl
Creole lessons, again
Creole lessons, again

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