Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage

Ken & Marla brought Jocelen to the US her 1st time out of Haiti.

I have Internet this trip!

Dixie and I have been involved with Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage over the years in many ways.

Brief history:

  • The involvement actually goes back to the 1989 when Dick & Dixie were on staff being supervisors of the orphanage . Dick & Dixie built the house we are now living in on the orphanage grounds.
  • Dixie has keep relationship with the orphanage over the years…..
    1. On one of Dixie’s walks out in the farm lands of Nan Wo she came across a one month old infant who’s mother had died The aunt was not able to care for him. Makendy was severely malnourished even at one month. He was soon to be one of Haiti’s lost children. Dixie orchestrated his move to EGO.
    2. Dixie’s loves to walk…. if you can call her pace a walk…. As she walked through the country town of Kafou Borin a young mother repeatedly tried to give Dixie her 1yr old daughter whom obviously had a special need. This request went on for 3 years when it became apparent the child would die if not cared for in a better environment. Pastor Louinet and Dixie paid Chamounmoun, a wonderful woman who took her into her home, to care for Lourdjina for 1 year when it became apparent she needed more specialized care. God’s grace moved Marla of EGO to change a former decision and take Lourdjina into the orphanage. She is a handful, with a sweet disposition.
    3. Ken of EGO has built cabinets for the Nan Wo kitchen & school office. After repeated ‘NO’s, Ken has now lent Harley his whole orphanage along with the new John Deere farm tractor. Don’t worry, Ken, I’m being carful with all.
  • Dixie & I are interim directors of the EGO for the month of May, spelling Ken & Marla for a needed furlough to the USA.

We are having a blast. I’ll explain in my next post.

Ken & Marla brought Jocelen to the US her 1st time out of Haiti.
Ken & Marla brought Jocelen to the US her 1st time out of Haiti.

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