A Day at EGO

EGO Two A Day at EGO 05-15-2016

So what in the world are Dixie and Harley doing in Haiti? Why are we helping at the orphanage down the road from our main Hope in Haiti operation? Neither Dixie or I especially enjoy babies as much as many of you out there. When some one hands me one my normal reaction is to set it on the nearest table for some one else to hold…… I’ll let you figure out the answers to the above questions on your own….

A Day at EGO…..

5:30am The newly weds are awakened by Lourdjina who may of “slept some” in room two. That is to say I don’t get her up crying or not until my clock hits 5:30am (remember we are 3 hours ahead of you guys at home so if ya want to wake us up with a call ya got to get up at 2am your time)

Harley gets Lourdjina up lays her on the couch, grabs the keys to the house gate and unlocks it for the boys.

5:45am – Pudence, Franky, and Kervens come to grab the keys they need to do their farm chores; milking the cow, collecting eggs, and feeding the chickens.

5:35am +- Dixie gets Lourdjina and gives her meds and puts her onto her G-tub feeding which takes about 60 minutes to complete.

6am – one of the cooks comes for the keys to the food storage rooms… Depot One, Two, Three, and or room 2…… Ya confused yet?????

6am – Fridays, Rosina comes for Market $$$$ Dixie passes out needed funds according to supplies to be bought…..

Often Harley runs to the freezers to give the cooks 2 frozen chickens and/or frozen fish which they use to make the children’s meals.

6:30am – Richard & Ricardo bring Francius for his am meds.

7am – the children’s staff come to get Lourdjina and Makendy for their day at preschool.

Oh ya, I forgot Dixie feeds Makendy and I breakfast during all the above choas… also forgot showers, diaper changing, bathes, etc, etc.

6am Monday & Thursday – Clairemonese comes to get Medical Clinic keys and needed funds to run the clinic…..

8:30 to 9am things quiet down to fixing toilets, more depo trips, and who knows what.

1:30pm HIGH LIGHT Harley gets a Haitian lunch.

6pm – evening keys, evening meds, and a drink of tea for Harley.

7pm – Lourdjina & Makendy come back for their evening meds and a good nights sleep…hopefully.

7:30pm – I find Rufus “one of the dogs and lock her on the porch so Tasha won’t eat her during the night. She could literally be dead in the morning.

8pm – We force ourselves to stay up at least 30 minutes before we drift off, awaiting a new day!

Thanks all for your prayers!!!!

We even survived Sunday……. The Lord gives the staff a relaxing day… Dixie and I get Lourdjina & Makendy all day and night….. It’s unbelievable but I like it hear.

The boys doing a job
The boys doing a job
Makendy taking my nap
Makendy taking my nap

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