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A fabulous six person team will be in the air shortly headed to Haiti to take on the most challenging task we have each year: trek the rugged all-day hike through the desert-dry, steep mountains of central Haiti to reach a tiny school building that so many children flock to for education. The trip never gets any easier, especially for those who have put in a lot of miles doing this over the years.

The team plans to take fresh pictures and interview over three hundred boys and girls when they arrive, as well as administer fluoride treatments, and Lord-willing, hold a medical clinic for the desperately poor families in the area.

The team requests your prayers for safety, endurance, and to make a difference in the people’s lives. Last trip we had trouble staying connected to the team via phones, so we are praying that we have no such issues this time… Kawo is not a good place to be stranded!

Here’s the plan:

  • Leave Monday night, February 29th.
  • Tuesday – Arrive PAP in the afternoon, get picked up by our friend Marla, who will take them directly to Nan wo in the oft-troubled van.
  • Wednesday – Begin hiking early in the morning to mountains of Kawo After traveling for the past 24 hours they should be nice and tired…..
  • Wednesday night – set up tents and sleep, hopefully
  • Thursday – Saturday update 300+ kids, administer fluoride treatment

Also during that time, set up a medical clinic and visit families scattered around the area.

  • Sunday – church and visiting
  • Monday – hike down mountains
  • Tuesday – drive to PAP, with a possible stop at the beach
  • Wednesday – fly home

Your 2016 Kawo team is

  • Tony
  • Gabe
  • Susie
  • Shary
  • Harley
  • Dixie

Thank you for your support of Hope in Haiti
-For the whole Board

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