The Team

Today once again the medical team saw over 100 people in need. We have extended their clinic into Sunday after church in hopes of making a bigger dent in the physical need of Nanwo.

Our children’s team had 200 plus children in attendance at their kids camp… I saw the crowd and decided to repair the well plumbing which was destroyed by the water truck backing over it.. no kidding. The lack of power here has been a pain.

Childrens ministry started
Childrens ministry started

The adult seminars have been going great Joel and the gang are greatly encourage at the knowledge the people are gaining.

The crusade has had up to 2000 in attendance per night.. Spiritual warfare has been over the top….

  • 1st the missing generator key. “No adequate power for the well pump”
  • 2nd the truck running over the well head.
  • 3rd the water accident drained the storage tank.
  • 4th No showers for a hard working team.

I gess I’m going to need to come back to complete repairs…..

I love this place, the teams whom come to serve, the Haitian church community, the orphanage etc.

Life is GOOD!
Harley Donnel

The Team
The Team

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