16 people 5 different flights

Our California travel agent did not understand Haiti travel. 16 people 5 different flights to get home…. Dixie and I were very fortunate ours is the 1st to go…. we only have 60 minutes to make our conection in New York. …
Faster Harley faster.

God is GOOD! Our team has been over the top servents of our almighty Savior. Despite unreasonable flights, forgotten programs, and crazy delays they gracefully blessed Haiti with their servant hearts.

Thanks Len, Jim, Tim, Jean, Joel, Harry, Laurel, Francy, Andrew, Cait, Kathie, Kari, Abbie, and Allie from Harley and Dixie…God bless all of you.

Your willing service spoke to my heart!

Thanks Harley & Dixie2016-01-19 (1)

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