All the bragging about Tmobile in the 3rd world went to not. We had NO service all afternoon.

We white people are called blanc in Haiti. That simply means white… in my case it is very true head to foot.

You all, we are very blessed here in Nan wo. This past July we added a blanc kitchen in the Nan wo team center. It is so nice to have a kitchen sink, real cabinets complete with concrete countertops, and running cold water. We had the Orphanage cabinet program build and install the cabinets as part of a training program that Ken is running with the older children. Thanks to your donations we have a kitchen and kids from the orphanage who were trained to build them.

2015-11-14 (1)Have been teaching the girls and women circular knitting, makings hats and bags.

It’s very warm and still and we all glisten in the heat. Because Haiti has chosen to do daylight savings this year, it gets dark by 5 30 and the bus come in full force. We retire early underneath our mosquito nets to escape their bites. Oh, such is life here in Haiti

2015-11-15Louinet borrowed a generator for church. Everything is electric in this world where there is no power. Electric guitar, bass, wireless mics, Yamaha electric piano, computer back up all cranked to full volume. No power left for an air conditioner….
God is good…. Creole, French, and me in English. Halalujah!

2015-11-15 (1)Pastor Luimnar, Anderson, and Dieunev. Wating for their parts in the service.

2015-11-15 (2)Boys playing drums with pencils… Terry you and Dale sponsor the boy on the left, Jean Daniel.

Intently playing drums in church
Intently playing drums in church
The women who fell as dead earlier in the week sang in church and spoke from her heart. God is good. This area is very influenced/controlled by voodoo. The mercy of God restoring her and her daughters is incredible. Picture to follow.
Picture of raised women speaking in church
Picture of raised women speaking in church

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  • Such good updates! Thank you so much. Continued prayers for my dear friends, my daughter, Savannah, and the rest of the team ♡♡♡

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