Last flight out puts HIH team in Miami

All the team had to see of the storm was the top of the clouds

The eagerly awaited phone call from Dixie came just a bit ago!
They had landed in Miami and were grabbing luggage as she made a quick call to let us know they got out of Haiti literally JUST in time. They flew out on probably the very last flight of the day and were told in Miami that all flights to and from Haiti will be shut down for 8 days. I cannot confirm this info, but we sure can praise the Lord that we don’t have loved ones stranded for possibly a whole week!!!

Continue to pray for these guys as they have a long evening of flying ahead of them. They’ll arrive about midnight tonight and sure will be exhausted.
Also, please continue to pray for Haiti (and the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Florida) as Tropical Storm Isaac continues its course. The center of the storm will likely hit landfall in Haiti this evening. Maximum sustained winds are 65mph right now. A category 1 hurricane has sustained winds of at least 74mph so it could still become a hurricane.

We’ll send out one more update to wrap up the trip, let you know that everyone made it home, and give you an update on Isaac.
Thanks so much for staying updated and holding up our team over this last week and a half. We value you immensely!

For the whole team,
-Grace, on behalf of the Hope in Haiti board

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