Sunday in Haiti…

Robert preached today about “Who we are in Christ”, it went well. In the congregation was the Mayor of Dessaines who stayed and met with Robert afterward. Later Robert was presented with an opportunity to display his dancing skills as he avoided a cockroach and a couple rats, much to the amusement of those around him.

Dixie took some time today to check on Boss Francene, the man who helps with construction and was in a bad collision with a car recently while riding a motorcycle. He is recovering well and he and Cherissa were a great encouragement to the team.

Dixie is requesting continued prayer for the rat situation, prayer for full recovery for Boss Francene and his injuries, and prayer for efficient work as the team works hard to complete all the photographs of the Nan Wo children.

To all of you who receive these incredible updates we value your prayers, and now in real time we have the ability to reach out to God and intercede for the team in country. Please be bold and thoughtful in your prayers (2 Tim 1:7, Ps 145:18).

Thank You,


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