Cool breezes refresh team in Haiti – 6th update…


A heaven sent breeze cools the valley of Artibonite this evening, and for those who have been there you know how to express true appreciation to your creator for providing such a luxurious blessing when it arrives.

Today the team nearly completed updating photos and information for the hundreds of children attending the school in Nan Wo.

Dixie also announced the completion of the painting in the Church. The interior is painted!!

The team met with a different pastor today who leads one of the local churches and had a great time.

Tonight the sun set over the western fields and as the day went dark the team welcomed the night. Apparently there is a challenge with the lighting and there is no available electricity to provide light. Remember to bring your headlamp when, not if, you go to Haiti.

The team continues to do battle with the unusual number of rats in the building. Please pray for protection while they sleep and deliverance from the pests.

Dixie sends deep felt appriciation for all the prayers.

Haiti is a country that was given over to Satan a long time ago by a past leader. It is a place of true darkness and yet God’s light shines bright in many areas. We know that light overtakes darkness wherever it shines and yet when it is gone the natural state of being on this Earth is darkness. If you have not yet gone to the ends of the Earth I pray you will go. I do not know God’s plan for your life but I do know that His will will be done here as it is in Heaven. If you can’t go then support someone who can, if you fear going consider taking a step and trusting God to meet your needs, provide a way and walk by your side. I personally know some who have never ever thought of serving in this way and they have returned deeply changed. Yes, it may be hard and you may see rats, or be served unusual food (it happens) but I know the beauty of suffering side by side, sharing a smile when the words make no sense, and the immense overflowing blessing by being recieved with love and a super sweet cup of coffee. Mayor of Monroe, self-employed hairdresser, public worker, unemployed CFO, it doesn’t matter in God’s economy. WE ARE ALL HIS CHILDREN, and so are all the people of Haiti.

I challenge you to follow Him well,


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