Mountain School in Kawo Expanding

Grace with kids


In the mountains of Kawo, the foundation for more school rooms is being laid. 400 children come from far and near to our school and there is not nearly enough room in the church building for all to hold classes.  They meet under trees and in the shade of the church, but with the hot sun and drenching rains, it is not ideal to say the least.  So once again, men and will carry heavy bags of cement up the mountains to be mixed with sand, rocks will be gathered, and the building will begin as Hope in Haiti is able to fund it.  The people excitedly took on the project of leveling the ground themselves, asking only to be fed as payment.  Again, we are thrilled to support such enthusiasm.

In August, Pastor Louinet’s church in Nan wo held a four-day meeting with people coming from several other churches scattered throughout Haiti.  They slept in tents in the church/school yard, ate together, attended teaching from different pastors, and went out into the community sharing the good news of the Gospel.  Thirty-five people accepted Christ and were baptized in the river. Lives are truly being changed from the inside out!

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