Update from team in Haiti…

Dear Prayer Team,
Joel, Dixie and Tony arrived safely in Haiti on Friday. They are only two hours ahead instead of three – because of daylight savings time. They traveled from Port Au Prince to Desalines today. Joel said it reminds him of Africa. The history is that it was French ruled and slaves were brought from Africa, then the slaves revolted and took over. He said it feels like Africa and the Philippines because it’s an Island. The people are sweet. Voodoo and witchcraft are definitely there. They met with Pastor Louint who oversees the churches they will be working with. Joel said it was great having a couple of hours to encourage him and to hear about his work. Joel is also enjoying time with Dixie and Tony. It is very hot and humid and there’s no electricity but it’s been raining with thunder and lightning so it has dramatically cooled down for the evening. They are so happy! 🙂 That is a huge blessing! We praise God for this gift and for getting them there safely! 🙂
Prayer Requests:
  • For good, restorative sleep. They are going to bed early tonight in preparation for ministry in the next few days.
  • Joel Joel’s health. He feels better but he’s still coughing
  • For their ministry in church tomorrow
  • For Monday’s training with pastors
  • Pray for strength because of the heat and humidity
  • Sensitivity to the leading of God’s Spirit as they teach and minister.
Bless you all,


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