Fall School Supply Drive…


Nan Wo school girl at the chalkboard during class at an HIH school

Another school year is just about to begin and in Haiti the children also start school the first week in September.  Each sponsored child receives a uniform, a new pair of shoes, school books and supplies.  I can just see the excitement in their faces as they receive their new things. We would love for you to collect school supplies once again.  Things are on sale right now and how the children in Haiti could use these supplies.  We will be taking them back in October when we go.  Drop off details below! We need everything from pencils, erasers, lined and unlined paper, colored pencils, sharpeners,spiral notebooks, chalk board erasers, chalk, or just be creative!

Please donate:

Pencils, Sharpeners & Erasers

Crayons & Colored Pencils


Small Dry Erase Boards w/Pens

Soon after chalkboards where purchased for an HIH school, we found this little boy during recess discovering chalk and drawing!

Spiral Notebooks

Paper – Lined & Unlined

Chalk & Erasers

Small, lightweight children’s “string back-packs”

$$$ for shipping fees



Medical Supplies needed:

Microscope, l/m latex gloves, 2×2’s & 4×4’s, large gauze pads, antibiotic cream (ie neosporin), alcohol pads, band-aids, adhesive tape, bandage scissors (w/blunt end), benadryl, diabetic pokes


Drop off locations:

Rocking E Feeds

15732 Main Street Northeast

Lunch time at a HIH school

Duvall, WA 98019 – (425) 788-7610

The Main Clothing Company

202 W Main Street

Monroe, WA 98272 – (360) 805-5136

Kirkland Central Condos

211 Kirkland Ave

Kirkland WA 98033 – (425) 941-8469

*call first

Crosswater Community Church

307 Main Street

Sultan, WA 98294 – (360) 799-1030


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