Summer camp starting tomorrow in Haiti…

Tomorrow morning 200 children in the rural villages of Nan Wo and Kawo Haiti are in for a treat!  Their annual summer camp starts! This year the camp runs from Monday August 9th to Saturday August 14th and it will be held in the new Nan Wo church and school.

I have two experiences with summer camp.  First one is when I attended each year in high school and college, sometimes as a camper and sometimes as a counselor.  I remember the time that the staff and pastors of our church dedicated to us to invest in our futures. I remember the services when God spoke to my heart and the fun time hanging out in the sun with leaders and friends.  I actually dreaded the thought of becoming an adult because I knew summer camp would not be an option then!

Second experience with camp was hosting my out of town niece and nephew so they could attend camp.  The excitement and all the preparations where nothing in comparision to what they experienced in those five days.  The activities, worship times and games where a child’s equivalent of Disneyland!  The change I saw in them from Monday to Friday was remarkable.

Well tonight in Haiti, 200 children are having trouble sleeping because tomorrow morning their camp starts!  This has been made possible by all the sponsors and donors of Hope in Haiti! Please pray for the children to have an amazing week, have so much fun, understand they are loved and cherished and for God to capture their young hearts.  Also pray for the Pastors and leaders as organizing and running summer camp is a huge job!  We will send updates from Haiti if possible and thank you again for changing the lives of these children!

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