Team leaving on Easter…

We’re getting another team ready to leave for Haiti.  They will fly out late on Easter Sunday.  There will be five men from Seattle area and my daughter Grace and her finance Brandon from Wisconsin.  When they arrive in Port au Prince, they will pick up my son John and Nick Hvattum, who have been helping in Port au Prince with children, feeding groups, and helping doctors and nurses with simple medical things.  They will spend one night in Port, then head out to Dessalines, which is about 100 miles north.  Spending one night there at an orphanage, they then will head out early while it is still cool for the mountains beyond.  This is where we have the school in Kawo with 400 children.  It is an exhausting hike, but I know they are all ready for this!  Take lots of water, guys!  This is our yearly updating of photos and information for the children.  The team is also going to build school benches with desks, as the children have no desks.  Material has been purchased and carried on foot up into the mountains.  Bring your hammers and saws and have at it. 

John, my son, called me yesterday to ask for a recipe for tortillas.  They were going to feed about 30 people, could find no tortillas in Port, so decided to make them.  Good idea, John!  I hope they turned out, but it’s sure funny to hear that John and several others are cooking for 30 some people each evening.  I had no idea John could really cook!  Each evening the mission house is filled with all the volunteers and missionaries that have come to help.  I wish I could be there to hear all their stories.

Please be aware that this team is leaving soon and be in prayer for them.  My heart goes with them.  We will keep you updated with pictures etc as we hear from them.


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