How you’ve helped Change Lives in 2020 – Celiana

Dear Friends,
As you are celebrating Christmas with your families, we want to let you know how you have helped change lives in rural Haiti. You are making such a difference!

Celiana age 4When we take teams into Haiti we often visit homes within walking distance of our school. This is when we first met Celiana (pronounced Say-lee-anna). She was not quite 3 years old and had very little hair, due to malnutrition. She lives with her papa and mama. Rising very early before the sun gets too hot, Papa works his small plot of land using a wooden hoe with a heavy steel head. Mearnwhile, Mama sells any excess food at market two times a week, along with carrying water from the community well, washing clothes in the irrigation ditch, and preparing food over her small charcoal fire.

Celiana starts schoolCeliana began coming to our school when she was three years old. She learned to sit in class, sing with the other children, draw, color, and recite. She also was given a meal three times a week to combat undernourishment. Her smile grew with her as her health increased!

Celiana in grade schoolNot only has Celiana’s health improved, but she has learned much in her classes. She has come to know that she is a child of the King and is very special. She is now 15 and is growing into a beautiful young woman.

I know that we live far away from this strange world of hers, but because of your generous hearts, children like CelianaCeliana today are given opportunity and hope to achieve, to dream big, and to feel loved.

Because of your generosity, lives are being changed as you invest in the children and teachers of Haiti. Please give TODAY as we need your support more than ever before so that we can continue to provide education, food, and Biblical teaching to these children.

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