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The latest on the challenges and work in Haiti

Dear Friends,

Although I try to be continually aware of what is happening in Haiti and speak with Pastor Louinet and others often, I realize many of you are not so in touch with things in this desolate island nation.  I would simply like to update you so that you will know better how to pray for our friends.

The building that hosts our school in Kawo has been badly damaged

President Jovenel Moïse has reopened churches in Haiti and people are beginning to meet together again.  The latest Covid 19 statistics are 7,146 cases of the Corona virus and 54 deaths.  This may be highly inaccurate due to lack of testing and people actually seeing a doctor.  When I lived in Haiti and even now, when someone died it is due most often to a ‘fever’ and that was all the family knew. How could I think or wonder if it was something more?

Pastor Louinet is putting on a convention for his pastors and leaders in his 14 churches that he oversees beginning August 23-30. There will be 300 people and they will be staying in the classrooms at the school in Nan wo, eating meals together, meeting together, and sleeping in close quarters.  I asked him if he thought this was wise, and he definitely thinks it is saying he trusts that God will protect them.  I can already hear their early morning worship before light dawns and praises being lifted heavenward. Please be praying for them during this time. 

President Moïse has also stated that the new penal code legalizes abortions and lowers the legal age for consensual sex to 15.  I read this and my heart is sad and heavy for Haiti.  Moïse has been ruling by presidential decree since January 2020.  The Haitian penal code has not been modified in 185 years.
Many of you know that we have been supporting a nurse named Rosita serving her people in the mountains of Kawo.  She uses two rooms next to our Kawo church/school and works tirelessly to help the people from miles around in the rocky mountains.  We have been helping her for several years and desire to continue to do so.  She recently told me that she was pregnant with her fourth chlld (obviously a surprise) and is due in November.  Please pray for this 39 year old woman and who serves both God and her people with limited supplies and medications.  Life is difficult to say the least and medication continues to rise in price.

I received news that our little stone church/school in Kawo had a portion of it fall due to heavy rains weakening the clay mortar.  Some of the rocks and debris rolled down the steep hill onto other Haitian houses.  For those of you who have been there I’m sure you can visualize this.  I pray for wisdom in how we can again help these people who are so poor.

School is to begin on August 10th with a teacher’s seminar taking place the first week.  Again, concern for Covid comes to mind and yet these children need education.  With no internet connections or computers there seems no other way to continue education.

“Mightier than the thunder of the great waters, mightier than the breakers of the sea – the Lord on high is mighty.” Ps 93:4. 

God hears….Please pray.
Dixie & Team

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