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How is Haiti coping with the COVID-19 pandemic?

I’ve been told to look through my Bible page by page, find a hair and boil it in water, then drink the water.  Everyone in Haiti is doing it. I would be protected from Covid-19.

I’ve also been told to make a drink with onion, garlic, and other concoctions and that would also protect me from the virus. 

These are a couple of things the Haitian people are grabbing onto for protection from the Coronavirus during these uncertain times.  But the one I really loved was at one of the newest hospitals in Mirabalais, in the mountains outside of Port au Prince.  They are treating patients for the virus and getting as ready as possible for the many more patients that they believe are coming.  They are also praying.  It is predicted by some experts that Haiti will be hit hard with Covid-19, especially once travel restrictions are lifted.  
Meanwhile, the pandemic is reaching Haiti through illegal travel. For years, a segment of the Haitian people have chosen to live and work in the more prosperous Dominican Republic, which shares the island of Hispanola with Haiti.  The borders have been closed for the pandemic since late March, but according to Dominican Immigration offices, 25,000 Haitians have returned to Haiti anyway for various reasons.  Just last week over 1,000 Haitians returned, illegally crossing back into their own country.  There have been 596 cases and 21 deaths in Haiti.  But what about all the unreported cases and deaths?  

Pastor Luinet met with the teachers to encourage and support them during the school closures.

Life in Haiti continues with daily markets open, crowded tap-taps (small pickup trucks outfitted with benches for riders in the back), and even churches meeting on Sundays.  But schools are closedHope in Haiti has continued to pay our teachers showing our support for them and their families.  In addition, this week Pastor Louinet and friends hope to be making up meal kits to send home with each family.  These are difficult times for all but Hope in Haiti desires to continue to do what we can to help our friends in Haiti.  

I read this morning in Psalm 77:13-14, “Your ways, O God, are holy. What god is so great as our God? You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples.”
Please pray for Pastor Louinet and his family.  Pray that he would have godly wisdom as he leads his people through this pandemic.
Thank you for your continued support of the children, their families, and workers in Haiti. 
Dixie & Team

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