Savanne Brule: Carrying on the work in the midst of turmoil.

Susie Marshall writes about the work in the desperately poor city of Savanne Brule.

This is an update on the work that is being done to provide education and support to the village of Savanne Brule, Haiti.  In spite of the gangs and violence that continues to plague Haiti, the Hope in Haiti schools in central Haiti are meeting and create a source of hope and strength for these struggling communities.

Because of your help with last September’s fundraiser for Savanne Brule, we are able to pay the teachers double what they received the year before and add $11,000 to the endowment for this school. These teachers are grateful for the money, because it allows them to focus on education rather than growing market crops. Money was also raised last year by Cathy Day and friends to dig a well for this community.  We hope to find a driller who can make this happen this year!

 In the past two years we have raised about $50,000 of our ultimate goal of $200,000 to permanently endow the school.  While building this endowment we have been paying the teachers each month.

 Moving ahead, we are continuing to work on both the endowment and the immediate needs of the Savanne Brule community.  We will take a breather and not host a fundraising event this year, preferring to plan for spring of 2021.

  Rather we will work to raise the $8,000 needed to pay teachers for the 2020 – 2021 school year and seek grants and donations to purchase curriculum for the school. 
If you would like to contribute to teacher’s salaries or curriculum, please send your donation to:

          Hope in Haiti
          PO Box 26
          Monroe, WA 98272

If you send in a check form, please write “Teachers 2020” on the memo to designate your gift for this cause.

If you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions, please contact me (Susie).  I would love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for your help with our fundraisers and caring about teachers and children in Haiti.


Susie Marshall

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