Walk for Water is coming!

Saving lives isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Except when it is.

We are excited to announce that Hope in Haiti is partnering with our friends at Crosswater Community Church of Sultan WA to raise money for a life-changing, life-saving well for the people of Savane Brule, Haiti. It’s called WALK 4 WATER, and it is as easy as it sounds. We are raising money via donations and sponsored walkers to be able to put in a well for the desperately poor people in this village who have become dear to our hearts.

Did you know that dirty water is one of the primary sources of fatal diseases in developing nations like Haiti? And that it is a HUGE problem for marlaria outbreaks, like the one that happened in Haiti in 2010? Did you know that a neighborhood with no well means that women and children spend hours of their day just finding, hauling, and boiling water, rather than studying, working a business, or tending their land.

That’s why clean water from deep wells make such an incredible difference in the community! Join us in bringing this amazing blessing to Savane Brule!

When: Sunday May 19th 2-4pm
Where: Lake Tye Park, Monroe WA

Why: To raise funds to build a well in Savane Brule
Who: Anyone can come!
How: Register now or donate at www.crosswaterchurch.org/walkforwater

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