Bullets flying in Dessalines; Prayers needed!

Dear Friends,
I wanted to keep you updated on the things I hear from Haiti that you will never hear in the news.  Early Thursday morning I got a phone call from Pastor Louinet.  He said that all of Dessalines was in an uproar.  Many police were there and were trying to catch the gang or bandits that have been known to be in that area.  As we talked I could hear the popping of guns over the phone.  One man was killed, several police took bullets, but the ‘bandi yo’ got away and are somewhere on the trail between Post Piwo and Kawo.  This is the same trail that we and our teams take when hiking into the mountains of Kawo.  Folks are afraid to come down the mountains trails to market to sell their goods.  

Please pray for protection for our friends in Haiti. As of yesterday there was a road block near Dessalines and a Security Alert placed by the US embassy.  We still have not been able to take a team in and are unsure as to when this will be possible.  Also pray that the church will be strengthened as there is still much unrest in Haiti.

Your prayers mean so much.  Thank you and many blessings to each of you.


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