Trip journal – Sunday and Monday

Sunday 1pm
Church has gone on now for 3 hours, with Joel teaching from Psalm 23 about how the Shepherd (the Lord) calls us by name. The team acted this out by playing the sheep as Joel called each of us by our names. As you can imagine, Harley was the lost sheep : ) They have been doing tons of special music this morning, and also did a baby dedication and an ordination ceremony, and more.

Sunday 2pm
Right now there is a graduation ceremony going on for the women. 102 ladies! They sang a song for Francy, expressing their gratitude for teaching them for the past four years. It gives me tears in my eyes as I write this! What a celebration of their lives!

Sunday 2:30
Church finally letting out now… whew!
Sunday 6pm
We have been having pretty bad cell phone reception today so nothing I’ve been texting has been going out. Haiti has taken big steps forward in technology in some ways, but the reliability leaves something to be desired. Going to bed soon… we are all spent.

Monday 9am
We are heading to the beach! After a long and tiring week, the team is taking a much-needed day to relax and have nothing required of them as we say goodbyes and head down the coastline toward Port au Prince. On the way we will make a pit stop at one of Haiti’s most beautiful beach resorts for a couple hours of relaxation.

Monday 3pm
We made it to Port au Prince. Those of us with enough energy are going exploring at the famous Haitian metal market, where gifts and decor made from hammered-out metal oil drums can be found and bargained for. 

Monday 5pm
It’s already getting dark, and food is cooking on the stove here at Byron and Shelly Tlucek’s home. They are such great hosts, and their meals are always a treat. Before long we will be headed to bed. We will need lots of rest before our marathon day of traveling home tomorrow!


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