Touchdown in the city of a million faces

With that familiar roar of the plane’s airbrakes and a quick screech of tires, we all look out the window and realize we are in a whole different world from what we left in Miami. After a restless travel night and an early flight to Port au Prince, we arrived today in the city that bustles with literally a million Haitian souls. Just walking off the plane and into the airport is always a shock for the new teammates, stepping into a sea of humanity waiting in long lines to claim luggage and go through customs. It’s quite ironic that this city was once called “Hôpital”–because it was known for hosting the region’s hospital–that now it has become a place desperately in need of medical care and personnel at every turn (among many other things). What a reminder for us why it is so important to never pass up an opportunity to show Christ’s love in whatever way we can, even here in this big city.
Praise the Lord, we got all of our luggage, and we were able to make it to our hosts’ home for some rest and recharge time.  Please pray for sleep tonight and to be refreshed by God’s spirit.

Oh, to be back in Haiti is so good, even though sweat is dripping off me as I write this.  How have I fallen in love with this harsh country and it’s beautiful people. It was so cool to see that the ones who know me love me as well. I was greeted at the airport by a familiar Haitian worker named Reginal, who hugged me and kissed my cheek. Such a protector! And then I was warmly greeted again by the Haitian staff that works for Byron and Shelley, our hosts. It’s as if they are welcoming me home.

Tomorrow we start our engines and head off on the 4 hour trip north to Nan wo. Please pray for safety in our travel, as always.

Pray for all the beautiful people we work with, that in all things, we would point them to Jesus as our true Hope in Haiti.

For the whole team,

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