Nan wo sponsor child updates in the mail..

Dear Nan wo Sponsor,

As many of you may know, I just returned from Haiti and your sponsored child is doing well!  The school continues to grow and has about 325 children attending.  We have expanded the primary school (1st – 6th) and are in our second year of secondary school (7th – 13).  Thirty children come from the mountainous areas and either live with a relative in Dessalines or live behind the school.  Their are 13 girls living in two rooms.

Steaming bowls of rice, beans and sauce are handed out to the children three times a week.  They are delighted and go home with full tummies.  Each school day begins with children arriving by walking the dusty road from all directions.  They come in their uniforms and form lines according to class. They raise the Haitian flag and then the national anthem fills the air.  I felt like applauding when they finished.  A prayer is said, then two by two, holding hands, they file into their classrooms to begin school. Throughout the year, gifts are given to each child on special occasions.

When school is not in session the building is being used constantly by the community. Pastor conferences are held four times a year for church leaders in 12 surrounding churches.  Celebrations with large meals are held often and there is even a honeymoon room in our guest house for newly married couples, complete with food prepared for them for a week.   God’s work has spilled out into the community  and we are touching lives there.  What a difference Hope in Haiti has made for the people in Nan wo!  Early many mornings at 4:30 AM songs and prayers rise to our Lord, filling the quiet morning with praise before the people go off to their gardens to work or sell a few items.

Thank you for your sponsorship of your child.  You have touched more lives than you know.  Your faithfulness is so greatly needed and appreciated! We worked until midnight several nights this week and all your sponsor “fridge cards” are on their way. It’s truly a labor of love as we fall in love with each child all over again as we update their picture and information on your card. Looking at their bright faces strengthens our resolve to work harder and pray faithfully for these beautiful children thousands of miles away. We hope you feel the same way when you get the card.

Love,  Dixie

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