Team left today…

This is the first update on the November 2011 team.

I literally just got off the phone with Dixie. They were slated to depart at 10am this morning and as of yet , due to weather in Chicago, they have not departed SEATAC airport. Beyond that all is well. And we have confirmed Dixie’s phone works from SeaTac to Monroe, next attempt will be from Haiti to Monroe. The team is hauling an entire Thanksgiving meal to Shelley and Byron: bird, stuffing, spuds and the works, pray is gets there prior to completely thawing out.

Pray for the trip to be smooth from here on out. And for the team to bond as we all have during the flight, adventure, down to PAP. They should land at 1pm tomorrow.

Team: Robert Zimmerman (Mayor of Monroe), Nick Hvattum (returning for his 4th(I think) trip), Kendra Whitfield, Katie Olson, Dixie and Tasha Montgomery, Jay Acheson (Dixie’s bro)

Please pray and fast for the team in ways you are led to or if you would like to pick a day to cover the team in prayer and/or fast for them see the schedule below.

Tony, for the Hope in Haiti Board

Nov 7th Susie
Nov 8th Cheryl
Nov 9th Myrriah
Nov 10th Jamie Akers
Nov 11th Rachel
Nov 12th Gabe
Nov 13th
Nov 14th
Nov 15th – Kasey Morrelli
Nov 16th
Nov 17th – Brandon Gloor
Nov 18th

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