Team leaving for Haiti today…

I’m leaving today with a team of 12 and will meet Micha, my daughter, in Port-au-Prince before we all travel together to Dessalines and then to Nan wo. We will be in Haiti  for the next  week and a half so please be praying for us.  There is always spiritual attack before we go and we really need people’s prayers.  Pray for safety, for good health, for our families here at home, and that we may go in the light and the love of Jesus. We will be in the village of Nan wo conducting a Vacation Bible School for at least 150 young Haitian children. It is so rewarding and challenging at the same time.  There has been much planning and preparation by the team, especially, Cathy Day. We are excited to go and serve again. Thank you as always for your wonderful generosity and support.

Thanks! Dixie Montgomery


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  • I am praying for you all and very excited for this wonderful oppurtunity you have. My sister Karen Blankenship is part of the team and I am so proud of her and all she has done & will be doing for this ministry. I love you Karen!

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