Team just back from Haiti…


Welcome back to the team that went to Kawo and Nan wo in Haiti for nine days in April.  It was a wild trip climbing the mountains of Haiti, staying a few days and then coming back down to be in Nan wo for a couple more days.  They found that some of the school children are afraid to come to school because of the earthquake that happened on January 12, 2010.  They won”t go inside of a building, thinking it might collapse on them, so they don’t bother coming to school.  Pastor Louinet is going to talk with the parents and encourage them to come.  The team did get updated pictures, but it was difficult because of this fear that resides in the people.  The team also helped build benches/desks for the school.  Down in Nan wo (outside of Desslines) they participated in a large group baptism in the local spring called La Source.  One of the team members was baptized along with the others.  Pastor Aaron spoke at the church and John, my son was translator.  It was a special time and I only wish that I could have been  there. 
I wish that I could convey to you the tragedy that this country has been through, and yet these people continue to hang on to  hope in God.  They continue to sing and worship and be baptized and life is good because of  God’s faithfuless.  They are a strong people making life work  with what they have.  They are generous and thankful.  They reach out to us in hospitality.  They pray for us.  It’s all very humbling when we come, thinking that we are the ones giving.  No, I think I have received much more than I’ve ever given.  I am blessed by their love and concern for me, even in the midst of their problems.  I am thankful for their love.  Thank you for your love and prayers for them.  Thank you for the teams that continue to go in the name of HOPE in Haiti. 


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