Team in Haiti Now…

Some of you know that I was not able to go to Haiti with this team and  I thank all of you for your prayers and love.  God is good and gracious and we walk on in His peace. 
I had asked the team to try to keep me updated as they best could since I could be with them.  For the first time ever, the cell phone companies have waived their roaming charges due to the earthquake and it’s free to call through Feb. 28th (the day the team comes home).  This is just one of those little blessings for me personally.  My first call actually came from Miami  at 3 AM as they were ready to board their plane for Port au Prince – my oldest son making sure I was right there with them!  Then I got a call saying that they had all made it safely with all their boxes – another miracle.  They helped out in Port au Prince where they were staying, then headed out the next morning to travel up the island –  about 100 miles to Dessalines.  I hear it was the longest, hottest ride they had ever had.  They had three flat tires and the trip that normally takes 3 1/2-4 hours took 6-6 1/2 hours.  Welcome to Haiti!  They arrived and had a fantastic Haitian meal at Pastor Louinet’s house.  They are sleeping in tents in the fields around the church/school in Nan wo.  Each tent had two mattresses in them, complete with sheets and pillows.   I’m sure they are being well taken care of. 
So I ask you to continue to pray for them.  They are on the frontlines and your prayers mean more than you could know. 


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