HIH Team Leaving Today…

Dear Friends,

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this past week, all of Haiti was called to a time of mourning for the earthquake victims.   Many Christians fasted and prayed and many, many came to receive Christ.  God is good and still in control.

Our team was to leave on February 17th, but flights were delayed until the 20th.  They leave today and will be returning Sunday Feb. 27th.  I regret terribly that I won’t be going with this team, but I have had the decision made for me not to go, and I am needed here at home.  So I am sending off ten people with all my prayers.  I have great confidence in all of them and know they will serve well.  Please be in much, much prayer for them…. for safety, transportation, direction, health, etc.  They are going to work on finishing the church/school in Nan Wo, which is in constant use these days, although not completed.   Also two nurses are going and will decided when they get there to either stay in Port au Prince and help with medical work there, or head up with the others to Dessalines, finding a way to help up north.   I pray the Lord will direct their paths.

I want to thank you all for your many, many donations of food and medical supplies.  These are packed and ready to go.  With ten people going, we can maximize the check-in luggage and take 1000 pounds.  Whatever doesn’t go on this trip, we will take next time.  Also thank you all for your financial gifts.  I am humbled by your giving hearts.  Money continues to come in to aid these people in this difficult time.  We have sent down thousands of dollars to help with immediate medical care, food, clothing and shelter.  It will take time, possibly years to rebuild what has been lost.  Please continue to pray and give.  100% of what is given in used in the country of Haiti to help.  Again, thank you so very much.

We will continue to update you after this team comes home.  Hopefully, we will know more of what we can do to help.  Thank you for being willing to help and for your prayers.

Because of His love,


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