Note from Pastor Louinet Gilles in Haiti…

Please tell the people who support our ministry hello for us and tell them thank you for all that help they’ve given us.  It allows us to preach the gospel better in Haiti.  Jesus did that.

He would preach, if people were sick, he healed them; if they were hungry, he would give them food.  Tell them I am praying for them for God to watch over them and bless their families the same way God told Abraham that he would bless his family.

And I believe the reward is great before God according to Matthew 25 everyone who does well has a blessing in God.  Because of you I have many children in Haiti that are able to go to school and can hear God’s Word.  Tell them I would like for each child to have a Bible in Creole so that they can follow God’s word.

Thank you for all your support.  May God in His grace empty His blessing on you and your families.

Your friend, your brother in Jesus Christ

Pastor Louinet Gilles

Bethel Church in Nan wo, Kawo, St. Michel, Tou Machand, Savannbrile, Dobey

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