Dear friends,

“My  God is so great, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do!” We sang the Sunday school favorite with the children in the Port au Prince orphanage  as part of their nightly going to bed routine… I knew it to be true. But, Lord, the need is so great… the lack so overwhelming. Open my eyes to your greatness Lord, let me see your mighty doings  here in the land of Haiti, in these lives, was my prayer that night.

My Haitian journey began three years ago, I wanted to travel to Haiti to see what Dixie was involved in and to experience the new love that had taken hold of my daughter Rachel’s heart. I didn’t really think there was something I could do. Was the Lord ordering my steps?     Could this be the season of my life to be involved in reaching out to the mission field? Or was the mission field reaching out to me… wanting me to see first hand God’s greatness, to know his provision for those called by His name?

It started with a toothbrush… was my ‘five loaves and two fish’ and it was all I had to offer to the Lord. Would it be enough? All that was required was obedience, a willing heart, and faith that God would meet us there. That first trip I fell in love with the children, brushing their teeth, teaching them the “colgate song” but I didn’t think I could ever go back, the heat was too oppressive and the next trip was going to be to the mountain school, much too far and too difficult a hike for me to make.

But in February of the next year I was with the team that made the trek. We carried 350 toothbrushes up that mountain. Lord, these kids need fluoride too and it’s what I can contribute. The view went on for miles… and my heart was expanding like the view… I stood on that mountain top with the parents of my two sponsored boys, tears running down my cheeks as they thanked me for giving their boys a future and them a hope.

My God is so great… so strong and so mighty. The assurance that we were right where God wanted us to be was solid. He that is mighty has done great things!

We walk by faith, and not by sight; but in March the Lord allowed our eyes to physically see what He is doing. He has now added a doctor and a dentist to the area to serve these people, the children are growing, learning, brushing their teeth in the river before school and singing and laughing.     Never underestimate the mighty things that are being accomplished because of your involvement.

“Our God is so great, so strong and so mighty, there is nothing our God can not do… through YOU!”

Penne Green

Hope in Haiti donor and sponsor for school children

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