Thinking of Mothers…

This past weekend we all celebrated Mother’s Day in one form or another. We either honored our mothers or our children paid tribute to us….. It made me think of our children in Haiti, the ones we all sponsor. Do they celebrate Mother’s Day? I really have a hard time picturing a day off for the mothers on this island, daily life is so demanding there.

Our common focus and mission at Hope in Haiti is giving hope, opportunity, time and materials to the children who otherwise would not have the means to go to school, learn, develop and grow in their body, soul or spirit. But as I thought about the children my heart turned toward the mothers. Our efforts might be most appreciated by the mothers of these we have taken under our wing.

What parent doesn’t delight in bragging about their child. “Look how he’s grown… she’s so smart in school… they  look so good in their new uniforms.”  And now they boast about the beautiful new school in the mountains, the church building that is near completion in the valley and the week that Vacation Bible School came to Haiti. I know each Haitian mother’s heart was so full for their children – they had been given hope for the future.

Haiti has so far to go, but Haiti has come so far because of you. Mothers here in our community have nurtured the vision of caring for children, whether their own or those who need a loving hand in some other location. You have helped birth a ministry that partners with parents in Haiti to raise their children with dignity, faith and anticipation for the future.

So to everyone who has a Mother’s heart toward the children of  Haiti, whether male or female, young or old, single or married, the mothers of Haiti say to you… HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!

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