Vacation Bible School in Nan Wo

We just returned from Haiti!   Crosswater Church sent a team of youth group members and staff to hold the 1st ever Vacation Bible School for the 150 children of HIH’s Nan Wo school. Mission accomplished!

Sponsored and un-sponsored children alike took part in three incredible days of crafts, singing, dancing, skits, Bible verses and lots of laughing. Of course there was also playing soccer, gunny-sack races, jumping rope and even some unplanned swimming in the nearby river. For children that have never experienced anything even close to this, it was an incredible blessing to them and their parents.

Simple games and toys that we take for granted for our children are truly a rarity in the impoverished nation of Haiti. I wish you could’ve seen the smiles and heard the laughter as the children participated in each day’s events.

A huge thank you to Cathy Day and the entire Crosswater team for the incredible amount of preparation they did to plan and prepare all the VBS activities for 150 children… not to mention packing it all up and transporting it to a third world nation!

I know that each child was so blessed and will remember this unforgettable week!

Letter from Dixie…

We straggled off the airplane at SeaTac yesterday, a smelly, tired group.  Parents waited with open arms as their teenagers ran into them.  Stories were already bubbling out, laughter and joy at being home.  I took it all in, as tired as I was, and gave silent thanks.

Our journey this time had its challenges.  We departed SeaTac after 1 AM – much too late for me to begin a long trip.  On arrival in Port au Prince, Haiti, we picked up our luggage…. everyone’s but mine.  I borrowed clothes from the girls and survived.  The day before we were to leave Dessalines, I got my luggage back, with a few things missing.  We had car problems, flight issues and little sleep at times, but attitudes were good.  It never ceases to amaze me how hard it is to make the transition to a country like Haiti.  The poverty, along with the garbage, is everywhere.  One keeps hoping to see where it ends, but it doesn’t.

We would begin each day by getting up early, grabbing something to eat and spending quiet time.  Then we would gather up the things we needed and walk about a mile to the little church/school in the valley.  There would already be children there waiting for us to begin.  Crafts, skits, games, memorizing verses, and putting fluoride on teeth were all part of the morning.  The first day it was a little crazy trying to organize it all, but by the second and third days, the children were singing for us and with us.  Then we went to the new building that is being constructed and helped fill in the sub grade.  The team worked hard in the hot sun.  Cold cokes bought from small vender’s homes were a welcome treat.

Achel and Achelson are 7 year old twin boys sponsored by two members of our team.  Doug and Lorna were delighted to meet them and spend time with them.  They went to their home and met the grandmother that they live with, also meeting extended family.  Achel became so comfortable that he would be looking for them and snuggle up in their arms.

Liwencia is an 11 year old girl also sponsored by a woman on our trip.  What a delight to meet her and visit her home, meeting her entire family.

I know the people who went on this trip were greatly touched by these children, their teachers and Pastor Louinet.  I pray that this will cause a ripple to go out from their lives to others.  So much is needed – how rich it is to give.

Many of you know Zach Day.  As we came back into the Seattle, he put his arm around my shoulders and said, “Dixie, I’ll give you a few days, but then let’s go back.”  Nothing but the love of Christ can build relationships like this.  Nothing can bring both young and old together like that love.

Thank you for your many prayers and support.  Your work and love are being multiplied many times over.

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