Bonjou e bonswa,

We have recently arrived back from another thrilling trip to Haiti.  Yes, it is hot, dirty, dusty, smelly, and exhausting; but it is also beautiful, meaningful and so wonderful to see our friends there again.  I wish I could convey to you the gratitude they have for the help each of you has given.  If you remember there was a little boy who had to have surgery on his eyes.  I met with him and his mother and they are so very thankful for the help they have been given.  This boy has now graduated on to secondary school and is doing well.  This gift was huge to a little boy in rural Haiti and now he sees.  There is also another young boy who has a crooked leg and has problems walking.  Someone has offered to help with his surgery.  Another gift!

Jay and John, who went on the trip with us, helped haul dirt in five gallon buckets to fill the foundation of the new church/school that is being built.  The first level is up and will be beautiful when finished.  A second story will be added as funds come in.  The Haitians had all kinds of fun laughing at and with the guys, while sharing fresh coconut with all of us.  Lexi, Grace and I spent two days taking annual pictures of students in Nan wo and gathering information for each of those students.  We then had the pleasure of giving each child a brightly colored, new string backpack with HOPE in Haiti printed on the back with goodies inside.  I hope that we can share some of the pictures with you.  We also helped some at the orphanage where we stay to divide up food given by Food for the Poor.  They had given some pretty interesting things – Easter chicks and Army MREs….hmmm; they gave other foods too.   I thank each person who went on this trip for their wonderful, uncomplaining attitudes, their work, and for all the fun we had together.

Our records are being updated quickly and new children will be available to sponsor.  Once again, we need more sponsors as more and more children want to come to school.  We will visit the mountain school of Kawo next spring and update things there, but I hear there are 400 children attending school daily there.  Oh my!  There is no other school in the area and children come from all the surrounding mountains.  How can we thank you for making this possible?  We serve a wonderful God and his love is expressed in so many ways.

If you are interested in a going on a trip next year, please let us know.  I’m already trying to work out details.  I know you will be touched by these people who live in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.  We are literally helping the economy in the areas where we minister.  People have jobs – teachers, school directors, janitors, cooks and builders.  I see new hope in these people and they are so grateful, not only for the schools, but also for what has been done within the communities.  So, I hope that you are as blessed as they are.


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